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Selling Your Ophthalmology Practice is a Big Decision. You want to make sure you find a capable successor with a patient care philosophy that’s compatible to yours, and, you’ll also want to find a buyer who will take care of your loyal employees.

When we’re talking with doctors who are looking to sell their practice we commonly hear the following concerns:

  • I know my practice is valuable, but how do I find the right buyer for my practice?  
  • Where do I list my Ophthalmology or Optometry practice for sale?
  • I care deeply for my patients. They trust me and that means a lot to me. I know these people- I know their children and grandchildren too. It is really important to me that I hand my patients over to a good, ethical ophthalmologist who will care for my patients the way that I have cared for my patients.
  • I have loyal employees. I care about their careers and their futures. What will happen to them when I leave?
  • I have had a recent practice valuation and my attorney is drafting the legal documents needed for a practice sale. I am prepared, but I need help marketing my business sale to find a buyer. I need help finding a buyer.
  • How do I list my ophthalmology practice for sale without jeopardizing the health of my business?  I want buyers to find out about my practice, but I don't want patients to think that I'm closing my business and go elsewhere.  I want them here for the future owner.

If any of these questions describe the issues you're facing as you work to sell your eye care business, get in touch with OjO. We would love the opportunity to help you market your practice and find a buyer for your ophthalmology or optometry practice who cares as much about your patients as you do! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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