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Charleston SC Area Ophthalmology Practice for Sale. If you're looking to buy an ophthalmology practice in Charleston, South Carolina, this is for you!

charleston, South Carolina, United States
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Ophthalmology Practice for Sale
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Charleston SC Optometry Job OjO Ophthalmology jobs Online

Ophthalmology Practice for sale in the Charleston, SC area!

True turnkey single practitioner comprehensive ophthalmology practice for sale in the Low Country.  Everything is in place including a phenomenal, experienced self functioning staff, EMR, billing, and fully upfitted office space in a highly visible, highly trafficked area. 
Our  office space is 2800 sq ft, totally upfitted with 3 full lanes, full optical shop, large room for IOL master, VF, and more.  We see more than 5,000 patients annually.  Our current schedule allows for relaxed work / life balance but could easily be increased. The majority of surgeries we perform are cataracts and blepharoplasties. There is an enormous need in our area for a Glaucoma specialist. If you have been considering starting your own practice but feel overwhelmed by all the details that would need to be tended to, this practice is for you.  If you are looking to semi-retire in the low country-this practice would be perfect.  If you are looking to have your own practice at a more relaxed pace-here's the perfect opportunity.  If you are looking to have your own practice and possibly build to create a larger practice or a multi-specialty practice-there is plenty of room to do that as well.  Our practice is located in high income area with a high volume of premium IOL's, botox, fillers etc..  Our optical shop currently grosses close to $300k.  This is a great place to live and work and have a very comfortable income.  We do surgeries at a local ASC.  There are many options for where to operate in Charleston. 
Charleston is an incredible place to live, work and be active.  It's a great place to raise your children or ease into retirement.  All you need to do is show up!  Everything is in place!
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