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Phoenix, AZ Ophthalmology Practice for Sale - Buy an Ophthalmology Practice in Phoenix!

phoenix, Arizona, United States
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Ophthalmology Practice for Sale
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Phoenix, Arizona Ophthalmology Practice for Sale...Respected Phoenix Area Eye Surgeon is Winding Down and is Looking for a Buyer for His Eye Care Practice.

If you’re an Ophthalmologist looking to buy a practice in the Southwest in general or Phoenix in particular, look no further. We have a wonderful Ophthalmology Practice for Sale!

Here’s why this is a legitimate turnkey practice; the incoming owner will instantly benefit from:
• Very established practice.
• Highly relational ophthalmology practice with exceptional outcomes and loyal, word-of-mouth patients.
• Loyal staff.
• Stable patient volume, clinically and surgically.
• Owning doctor is well known and has wonderful, long-standing relationships with area physicians.
• Owning doctor has a reputation for exceptional clinical and surgical care.
• Conservative philosophy of care.
• Low overhead.
• And there’s lots of upside potential and room for growth.

Owning surgeon has an attractive lifestyle and earns solid income from well-established, word of mouth practice. Incoming owner will inherit a wonderful, respected business.

Equipment / Instrumentation of Note:
EyeMD EHR, Fundus camera, IOL Master 700, Topcon Topographer, Visual Field machine, 2020 Dell Server, 7 new Dell workstations, a Toshiba phone system and more.

In addition to the steady business the practice sees, areas of potential upside and growth for a buyer include:
Owning doctor refers out sizable number of glaucoma, retina and plastics procedures and does not do LASIK. Business is driven by word of mouth. Marketing efforts and a web presence would be beneficial to the incoming owner.
In house optical could be a source of passive income and this source of revenue hasn’t been tapped.
Could hire an Optometrist to help with patient volume.

To learn more about this Arizona Ophthalmology practice for sale, get in touch with us. All inquiries are confidential.

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