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Ophthalmology & Optometry Supervisor Job - Clinic Manager Job in Central Florida 

Florida, United States
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Full time
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CEO, Director, Manager, Administrator, Executive Level Jobs
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Ophthalmology & Optometry Clinic Manager Job  / Team Leader Job in Central Florida 

Do you love leading teams?  Do you enjoy motivating and encouraging team members through example and through a desire to work in the best interests of the patient?  Do you love a warm, welcoming positive work culture?  Do you yearn to make a difference?

If so, please read on.

Our organization is among the fastest growing Ophthalmology/Optometry practices in Tampa and the Central Florida regions.  We thrived even during 2020’s COVID fraught year.  We have many locations, a large number of employees and an exceptional, progressive, forward-thinking administrative and leadership team.  AND, we’re looking for you.


We prefer candidates with experience and an associates or bachelor’s degree.  However, we’re searching for an outstanding fit, so if you have a high school diploma with lots of great experience, please reach out.

Important Skills:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Leadership / Management Experience
  • Experience Managing Doctor Templates
  • Gifted in Productivity, Efficiency and Work-Flow
  • Genuine, Creative Problem Solver
  • Outstanding Communication Skills
  • Must be Motivated and Hardworking
  • Ability to Multi-Task
  • Caring, Positive Can-do Attitude
  • Accurate Patient Work-Ups in 20 minutes or less
  • Great Delegation Abilities
  • Employee Evaluations
  • Review Staffing Requirements
  • Conduct Employee Staff Meetings
  • Development and Administration of Training Programs
  • Must Have a Phenomenal Patients First Attitude
  • Working Knowledge of clinical work-ups, testing, coding, billing and compliance issues.

We have a winning team and a great workplace culture and incredible benefits too!  If you’re ready to make a change, please get in touch with us.

To learn more, reach out to Mr. Drew Caldwell at OjO.


All inquiries are confidential.



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