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FLORIDA Ophthalmology Practice for Sale in Florida- $400k with Collections of $900k+. Buy a Florida Ophthalmology Practice for Sale.

Florida, United States
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Full time
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Ophthalmology Practice for Sale
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When youre recruiting an ophthalmologist how much should you pay them ojo ophthalmology jobs online

Ophthalmology Practice for Sale in Florida.  Live on the beaches of Florida!  If you're an Ophthalmologist looking for a practice for sale near the Florida beaches, Read On!

Wonderful General Ophthalmology Practice in charming Florida community is Looking for a Buyer.  This is a well established, well-known solo practice with a 4 month patient backlog.  Numerous Ophthalmologists have retired from this area in recent years and now is the right time to buy.  This region is among the fastest growing areas in America and there is a big, legitimate need for a new owner.  The practice is located 5 minutes from the Atlantic ocean and is in a wonderful, family friendly community without the headaches and stressors of living in a crowded, congested city.

  • Drawing Area: 500k+
  • Established Practice.
  • Revenues of $900k+
  • Mid 40's Overhead
  • 12,500 Active Patient Charts
  • Great Location!
  • Clinical Volume of 35 patients per day.
  • 4 Day Work Week
  • Highly Traficked, High Visibility Site!
  • Fantastic Equipment
  • 4 Month Patient Backlog

Equipment / Instrumentation:  

Reliance stands and chairs, Marco G4 Ultra slit lamps, Reichert illuminated phoropter model # 11636, M&S Technologies computerized projectors, Heine Indirects, Welch Allen direct, retinoscope & transilluminator, Lombart Volk 20D, 28D & 90D, Volk 2 in 1 handle G-4 gonio

Marco Epic 2100 station, Nidek YC-1800 Ophthalmic YAG laser system with GYC-1000 laser Ocular Abraham Iridectomy YAG contact lens Ocular Abraham Capsulotomy YAG contact lens Ocular three mirror universal diagnostic contact lens Accutome PachPen pachymeter Quantel Medical Pocket II pachymeter Quantel Medical compact II immersion Ascan/IOL DGH Technology Scanmate Bscan ultrasound Optos Daytona Zeiss Cirrus HD-OCT Zeiss Visucam Pro NM Zeiss Humphrey Visual Field 740i Diopsys Nova Lipflow Thermal Pulsations System Marco Epic 2100 Nidek AR-30 Handheld autorefractor Nidek LM 990A Lensometer x 2 American Optical manual lensometer Reichert Avia Tonopen Clement Clarke Perkins Tonometer M&S Technologies computerized projector Cox Sterilizer Servers: Dell Power edge T440 Main Server, Dell Power edge T140.

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If you're an Ophthalmologist looking to buy an eye care practice in Florida, please connect with us confidentially.  

Drew Caldwell / Drew@ojonline.net





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