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O.D. Job Durham, NC - Part-time job for an Optometrist in Durham, NC at an Ophthalmology Practice.

durham, North Carolina, United States
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Part-time Optometrist job in Durham, North Carolina.  If you're an O.D. looking for jobs in Durham, NC, please connect with us.  This is not a retail opportunity- It is a great job with a growing Ophthalmology practice!



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WHAT IF you had a CAREER MENTOR? What if you worked with someone who put you and your family 1st?

What if you had a career mentor?  What if someone cared enough about you, your family and your career to put you first?  What if you worked with someone who understands how important your job choices are? 

What if you found someone knowledgeable and experienced in the national ophthalmology jobs market that could help you with contracts, compensation questions, identifying a good opportunity, red flags to look for when you're interviewing, CV and cover letter guidance, interviewing tips and more. We are caring physician recruitment professionals who earnestly want to help you find a great team opportunity.

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"You're in high demand so getting a job is easy...Finding a great team & career opportunity isn't."

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