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VIRGINIA  - Medical Optometrist Job and Partnership with Group Ophthalmology Practice 

Virginia, United States
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Jobs for Optometrists. O.D. Jobs.
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VIRGINIA  - Medical Optometrist Job and Partnership with Group Ophthalmology Practice 
Medical Optometrist for Partnership with 6 Doctor Practice 
A market leading, 30+ year-old group practice in Virginia is recruiting a MEDICAL OPTOMETRIST OR RESIDENCY TRAINED O.D. FOR THEIR GROUP.  If the incoming doctor is a good long-term fit, partnership will be an option.
This is a growing 6 doctor organization. This group is expanding and seeing great growth!
This 3 MD, 3 OD group is a comprehensive ophthalmology practice. The majority of patients here are seen for: cataracts, glaucoma, diabetes and laser surgery, low vision, macular degeneration, lids, retina issues, specialty fitting contacts, and glasses. Annual patient visits exceed 16,000+ and surgery procedures are around the 4k mark. Patient encounters and attendant surgical volume are expected to rise dramatically as population growth projections anticipate an increase of more than 30% over the next decade. The team of doctors works out of one large, primary office so the incoming ophthalmologist will not be commuting to satellites. The office building and they have a beautiful, newly remodeled 13,000 square feet, in house optical department. There are 30 lanes at the office. The largest hospital in the county is across the street. Surgeries are performed at the hospital and the practice enjoys a very close, agreeable relationship with them. 
The doctors, like staff are gracious and generous with their talents and time. They share their care and expertise through local and international eye care relief efforts in Central and South America, China and Africa. They provide ongoing local eye care help to their community plus an annual “Free Day” of services. A mission-minded optometrist is a distinct plus for this team but is not a prerequisite for employment or partnership. 
Downtown, you’ll find a charming city with friendly, down-to-earth people. The city center is built around a large, winding river which at one time was the natural force behind the manufacturing, textile and tobacco industries of years past. Today you’ll see a Southern town being transformed by the repurposing of these historic mills and warehouses. These attractive relics are now lofts, condos and businesses. The streets downtown hold their own unique charm. They are surprisingly hilly and offer scenic vistas of the river and of the city center. A large portion of revitalization investment includes parks, paths and other green spaces. There are over 14 miles, and growing, of paved walking and biking trails. This is an attractive draw for visitors and a local favorite. The trails are a beautiful, restful sanctuary for nature lovers and active types alike and having access to safe, well-trafficked recreation in your own backyard is a big plus. These nature trails wander in and out of the city and along the river. Many of the town’s festivals, concerts and activities are centered around the downtown river district. 
Economically, the region is home to corporate giants and to a local health care system.  Education and government are also big employers here. The town’s direct population is 45,000 and the service area is considerably larger than that. People are drawn here for the overall quality of life, affordable cost of living and sense of community that can be rediscovered in smaller towns. Doctors with children will be pleased to know that the area high school received a National Blue Ribbon award and a “Best High Schools” commendation. The community is a wonderful place to live and work, however, when the urge to go urban strikes, you’ll find one of North Carolina’s largest metropolitan areas is just a short drive away. 
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