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You’re an Optometry Practice owner or administrator and you want to know the best way to recruit Optometrists to your organization.  Here are several great tips to help you hire an Optometrist for your job opportunity.  

Your goal is to attract the best, brightest, most personable Optometrist for your job opportunity.  How do you Find and Hire the Best O.D. for Your Practice?

Well, your Optometrist Recruitment Efforts will start with a job post or listing.

Here are some of the talking points you as a potential OD employer will need to speak to in your O.D. job posting.  Addressing common job-seeking O.D. questions will give you a better chance of hiring a great Optometrist for your practice or organization.

Help Job-Seeking Optometrists know that YOU’RE UNIQUE.

In a crowded marketplace of OD employment options, you want your opportunity to speak for itself.  In other words, help an OD jobseeker to see why they should work for you and not your competition.  What makes you unique?  Why should a new minted O.D. or experienced Doctor of Optometry work for you?

Help O.D. Candidates know YOU’RE ETHICAL and FAIR.

You might write about the way you treat staff and patients and that these relationships are paramount to your practice.  You might say, “We don’t push unneeded items or exams and we don’t rush patients through like cattle.” While it’s true that you need to make a profit to breathe and grow, you’ll want to communicate to your audience that you’re about a lot more than just profit.  Write an ad that highlights your organization's desire to make a meaningful impact in your community and tell Optometrist job seekers that “We’d love for you to help us continue to make a positive, lasting impact on our community.

Let your Optometry Candidates know that YOU’RE STABLE AND OD’S HAVE JOB SECURITY WITH YOU AND You’ve Got the Culture O.D.’s are Looking for.

You might share something like: “We’re not going anywhere and we don’t want you to either.”, or “Having continuity of care is vital to our reputation as the region’s preferred Optometry provider.  We’ve been serving our community for 20 years and we have very low doctor turnover, thanks in large part to excellent leadership, exceptional teams and our collegial, cooperative work culture.

Tell O.D. job-seekers that as a new hire, their voice matters.  Help them to understand that YOUR ORGANIZATION WELCOMES FRESH, INNOVATIVE IDEAS!

You might write: “We have a fantastic recipe for providing exceptional patient care and for giving our providers the staff and tech tools they need to succeed, but we are always interested in perfecting our recipe and that means we will welcome your voice and opinion.  We are always eager to embrace ideas and changes that make sense for our patients and our work place.

We want you to excel and we’re willing to invest in you.

Working hard, and providing for an exceptional patient experience is a reward in itself, AND you’ll love our salary and productivity bonus structure too---and wait till we talk with you about the benefits and perks we offer!  If you have an in-house mentor here’s a great place to talk about that. And, now is the time to say more about incentivizing professional growth through CME reimbursements and through added PTO for online learning courses too!

Finally, include a statement about Work/Life Balance at your organization.

Your organization wants healthy, happy, productive employees who are at the top of their game, so addressing Work Life Balance at your organization is a Must.  Do you offer a flexible schedule or ways for your Optometrists to recharge and build healthy relationships in-house such as through a close Mentor/Mentee relationship, which is a little like professional therapy.  Work Life Balance helps to eliminate stress and burnout. 

These are a few of OjO’s tips for writing a successful O.D. Job Post and Recruiting the Best Optometrist You Can FIND!

If you’d like help recruiting or marketing your optometrist job opportunity, get in touch with OjO.  We’d love to help you find and recruit an ideal OD match for your opportunity!

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