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So- You're interviewing an Ophthalmologist for your practice opportunity and your candidate asks, "What makes this practice unique?", or an even tougher, more relevant question "I am considering three positions, why should I go to work for your practice?" Do You Have An Answer?


Surprisingly, most ophthalmology practices don’t know all of the unique features and benefits of their employment or partnership position. We can help you identify your true selling points; the selling points that are meaningful to physicians. We talk with and listen to doctor candidates about jobs each day and each day we learn a little bit more about the mindset of a job-seeking eye surgeon and what they want to see in an opportunity.  Our conversations with job-seeking ophthalmologists gives us unique insights that we can use to help educate our clients so they can sign great MD/DO talent. Matching your distinctive selling points with what doctors are looking for in a great role will help you move forward in the vetting process and hire a great, long-term match.


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Posting your Ophthalmology job on the American Academy of Ophthalmology's website is great- But, what if you need more help finding and hiring a talented eye surgeon for your partnership or employment opportunity?

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What's the BEST Way to Hire an Ophthalmologist?

Work with an Experienced, Knowledgeable Physician Recruiter.

OjO is directed by an Ophthalmologist with a successful large group practice and we’re led by a talented, personable physician recruiter who has worked in the eye world for 16 years.  Our unique perspective and experience enables your team to hire the best eye surgeon for your group or solo practice opportunity.

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OjO Helps you HIRE Anterior Segment Surgeons, Cornea Surgeon, Oculoplastic Surgeons, Pediatric Ophthalmologists, Glaucoma Surgeons and More!

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Need Help Recruiting and Hiring a Great Ophthalmologist for Your Practice Opportunity? 

Private equity is hiring, hospitals are hiring, universities are hiring, and of course, private practices all over the nation are hiring.  It’s a jungle out there!  Today’s hiring landscape is more competitive than ever, so how does your practice identify and hire the ophthalmologist or sub-specialist you need?

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Is Your Practice Recruiting?  Here are some great insights that will help you to be successful in signing an Ophthalmologist.

Attracting skilled ophthalmologists and sub-specialists is crucial for the success of expanding ophthalmology practices. With an ever-growing demand for their expertise, and a national shortage, the challenge of recruitment is quite significant. Particularly when you consider that the number of graduating ophthalmologists in the U.S. has remained consistent since 1990, while retiring doctors outpace those that are entering the workforce. Compounding this even further, the aging population over 65 continues to rise. In today's highly competitive hiring environment, it’s essential to put forth your best efforts to attract top-tier ophthalmologists and fellows to your organization.Having spent over 16 years in ophthalmology recruitment, I can say that nearly all ophthalmologists are in search of job and partnership opportunities that provide the following:

1. A Great Culture

Your organization's culture will play a critical role in attracting and retaining new ophthalmologists, who often seek practices that emphasize transparency, collaboration, collegiality, and cooperation. A strong culture should also include ethical business practices, community involvement, and a collective ethos that reflects the leadership's values. Essentially, your organization's culture is the DNA that encompasses the personality and values of your team.

2. Competitive Compensation

Ophthalmologists seeking jobs or partnership positions seek three things: competitive pay, achievable incentives, and a comprehensive benefits package. Given the scarcity of ophthalmologists, it's crucial for your practice to offer a compelling compensation package. While company culture holds great significance, an attractive base salary, realistic bonuses, and enticing benefits are necessary to attract top talent.

3. Patient-Centric Philosophy of Care

Every practice tells every potential new hire that they have the patient’s best interests in mind. But candidates hear this a lot, so if you want to differentiate yourself from the pack, it’s best to tell actual stories of what your practice has done and does to cultivate a team who genuinely care about the best outcomes for its patients. 

4. A High-Tech Workplace

Practices that utilize the use of technology, such as state-of-the-art equipment, advanced software, and cutting-edge instrumentation, have a competitive edge in attracting potential candidates. The reason behind this preference is that high-tech usually corresponds to a more efficient and productive work environment. Early adopter practices are especially sought after as doctors seek job opportunities.

5. Efficiency

Ophthalmologists prefer an efficient and productive practice. Practices that run smoothly and seamlessly provide a higher level of job satisfaction for ophthalmologists and ensure that patients are seen promptly, reducing waiting times and minimizing surgeon frustration. Having a well-oiled machine should be a big priority for any practice looking to attract top talent in this field.

6. Autonomy

Most ophthalmologists in search of employment seek autonomy. This is especially true of experienced doctors. Many surgeons who approach me for job counseling or to find new opportunities believe their current position is relegating their role to that of a mere "widgets" operator, disregarding their valuable input and expertise in patient care. Doctors strive to provide the best possible results for their patients and ensure an exceptional experience and they want to be valued and respected.

7. Mentoring

Young ophthalmologists get great training and enjoy their academic experience, so it’s no surprise that they highly value the guidance and support of a seasoned professional. Effective mentoring doesn't have to be complicated - it can simply involve spending quality time with the new hire and helping them reach their full potential. Whether formal or informal, a strong mentoring program can make all the difference in fostering success for both the new hire and the organization.

8. Work/Life Balance

Most ophthalmologists seeking employment prioritize work/life balance. For these doctors, getting a position with a flexible schedule and avoiding burnout is key to leading a fulfilling life outside of work. Practices should consider offering a 4-day work week or an extra day off every so often.

9. Partnership

The majority of ophthalmologists that I talk with are looking for positions that offer partnership as an option. Many of these surgeons are open to employment, but would love to see a partnership track as optional. Despite sources that say today’s generation of doctors want to complete their duties and head home, I talk with many ophthalmologists who are looking for partnership positions. It’s clear that a significant number of job seeking M.D.s and D.O.s still desire a say in the business side of the practice and a voice in the decision-making process. They also want the rewards that come with investing financially in the practice.

10. Well-trained staff

Unfortunately, many practices struggle to find qualified techs and scribes due to a tight labor market. Keeping these crucial team members happy can also prove challenging. Turnover can significantly hamper efficiency and productivity. However, practices with in-house training programs for techs and scribes have a clear advantage in attracting doctors.

11. Good leadership

Great leadership involves having a clear vision for the organization's future and communicating it effectively to your prospective new hire doctor. People want to feel like they are contributing to something bigger than themselves. Being a vital part of a successful future is inspiring. Providing your employees with a sense of direction and purpose can lead to greater job fulfillment and a stronger sense of partnership, whether formal or informal.

12. A Well-Run O.R. or ASC

All ophthalmologists prize a productive, efficient, and well-staffed surgery center or hospital O.R. Their passion for surgical ophthalmology means that surgery day is often their favorite part of the work week. Chaos or disorganization within the OR or ASC detracts from their satisfaction and overall enjoyment.

13. Low to no turnover

Most ophthalmologists seeking employment want to see low to no turnover rates, as it pertains to doctor staff, in the organization. If your practice boasts a low turnover rate and doctors who have worked at your practice previously are willing to vouch for your practice and be a reference to potential candidates, it can help you to sign a new hire ophthalmologist.

14. Fulfillment and purpose

Ophthalmologists seeking employment want intellectually stimulating work that offers meaning and a sense of purpose. Beyond their day-to-day duties, the vision and involvement of leadership and physicians alike contribute to this fulfillment. Additional meaningful factors include providing a day of free care to local communities, participating in missions abroad, and sponsoring community events. Physicians want to know that their work is more than a paycheck.

These are the primary components that ophthalmologists look for in an outstanding job or partnership opportunity.

For inquiries on this topic, contact Drew Caldwell of OjO, Ophthalmology jobs Online, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please Note: When considering career opportunities, 80 – 90% of eye surgeons prioritize location above all other factors. While your practice can't change its location, you can control the other important aspects mentioned in this blog post.

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