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If Your Ophthalmology Recruitment Efforts Aren't Working, Maybe It's Time for Plan B. Maybe it's Time for OjO.

Find an Ophthalmologist Who Cares As Much as you do Ophthalmology jobs Online ojo recruitment and placement services II

If You've Had a Bad Experience with Physician Recruiters, Then You'll Want to Talk with OjO.  We believe you'll find our approach to eye recruitment of MDs and ODs to be a breath of fresh air.

Ok- So you're cynical of recruiters.  Let's start there.  You've tried high priced physician recruitment agencies, paid a lot of money and they didn't work for you- so what's different now...What's different about this company called, "OjO"?  What kind of name is that anyway---OjO...O.j.O."

The 1st thing that we'll admit is that recruiters, in general, don't have sterling reputations.  We know that- We hear a lot of the horror stores.  We ARE different.  Let us prove it to you.  Let us prove that  not all recruiters are the same.  It is possible to develop a strong bond with an experienced, talented doctor recruiter. Character and integrity and professionalism are deeply- deeply important to us.  We want the opportunity to talk with you.  We believe that when you talk with us you'll be impressed and actually a little excited to start work with us--- But we also believe you'll be heartened by the fact that we really- genuinely care about making great doctor / practice matches.  We are exceptionally hardworking and paintstaking in the comprehensive nature of our recruitment strategy.  We know that one size fits all MD recruitment DOES NOT work- each and every practice is different--- but so are we.  Give us a chance- Open up to the possibility that your experience with OjO could be a breath of fresh air.

We know that being great Ophthalmology and Optometry recruiters takes a tremendous amount of time, an expansive schedule, an exceptional work ethic, excellent people skills, honesty and a genuine desire to help people-- to be a useful, helpful resource.  This is what we do.  As hard as it might be to imagine, We're Obssessed with Recruitment.  We will develop a sensible recruitment strategy that will fit within your budget and hiring parameters. 

We have a strong network of trust-based eye doctor relationships nationwide- this is the backbone of our organization.  And, we use all the latest tech tools, physician job boards, and social networking channels tech tools in order to help you find the right ophthalmologist or optometrist for your job or practice partnership position.

We want our candidates and our practices to be successful and we know that means matching the right ophthalmologist for the right practice opportunity.  The AAO, LinkedIN, Facebook, Twitter, GoogleMyBusinesss, Ophthalmology Residencies, Ophthalmology Fellowship Programs, national conferences, our own unique doctor relationships, digital marketing campaigns, our website and other relevant job boards are all helpful in the search to find and hire a great ophthalmologist or optometrist for your job or practice opportunity, but the main ingredient?  Great relationships, intimate understanding of MD and OD job-seeker and practice needs, ophthalmic industry knowledge, hard work, time and energy and a strong drive to help others succeed.  In other words, there's a lot that has to happen so that you and your doctor candidate find one another and begin a successful work relationship.

If your own ophthalmology recruitment efforts aren't working, Maybe It's Time for Plan B. Maybe it's time to get in touch with OjO.  A short conversation with us and you'll know we're different!

Connect with OjO at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other ways we can help / AKA Common Questions We Get from Eye Care Practices Who Are Trying to Recruit Ophthalmologists and Optometrists or Trying to Find a Buyer for Their Practice.

I have a great practice opportunity for an ophthalmologist; click here: http://www.ojonline.net/contact-us-ojo-ophthalmology-jobs-online

I don't know how much to offer an ophthalmologist; click here: http://www.ojonline.net/contact-us-ojo-ophthalmology-jobs-online

Our practice is backlogged.  Is it time for us to hire an ophthalmologist or an optometrist; click here: http://www.ojonline.net/contact-us-ojo-ophthalmology-jobs-online

I need to list my ophthalmology practice for sale, click here http://www.ojonline.net/practice-for-sale-ophthalmology-and-optometry-practices-for-sale

I need to sell my optometry practice, click here http://www.ojonline.net/practice-for-sale-ophthalmology-and-optometry-practices-for-sale

What is a fair price to ask when selling my medical practice: http://www.ojonline.net/contact-us-ojo-ophthalmology-jobs-online

If you're an Ophthalmology or Optometry practice looking to recruit and hire an Ophthalmologist, Fellowship-Trained Eye Surgeon, or a New Grad OD or Residency Trained Optometrist, please connect with us.  We would love to talk with you and work with you to help you find the right doctor match for your patients, your staff and for the future health of your practice.

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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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