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Is Your Human Resources department Stretched too Thin?  We can help!  <I'm working on this one>

Managing, motivating, team-building, training, workforce development, credentialling, licensing, placing job listings, writing great job descriptions, fielding applications, emails, phone calls, skypes, interviews, work history checks, ---there is so much to do when you're an HR professional.  HR personnel wear many hats- maybe too many and few Human Resources staff have much experience recruiting ophthalmologists and optometrists.  We would love the opportunity to partner with your human resources department to source, identify, recruit and hire a great ophthalmologist or optometrist for your organization.

When it comes to ophthalmology and optometry recruitment, one size does not fit all.  Every group and practice is unique and every MD hiring situation calls for a creative approach.  In addition to traditional recruitment options like retained and contingency searches we offer services that are designed to help you keep most of your recruitment dollars in-house.  Instead of outsoucing your entire recruitment process, perhaps we can augment your efforts through our social channels, or through our own national network of ophthalmologists.  There are great ways that we can collaborate, be successful and still keep your practice in the black.  Let's talk about a strategy that will allow you to source, recruit and hire a great ophthalmologist for your medical practice.

HR departments love our friendly, experienced, knowledgeable approach.  We offer Naturally Relational Recruitment.  Let's talk.

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