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Tuesday February 20, 2018

List of all Ophthalmology jobs for MD's - Comp/General, Cornea, Glaucoma, Retina, Pediatrics

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List of Ophthalmology Openings including General Ophthalmology, Comprehensive Ophthalmology, Anterior Segment, Cornea, Glaucoma, Retina, Oculoplastics, Pediatrics. Ophthalmology jobs all over the nation.




CALIFORNIA- Retina –Reference MBPRCA2.

CALIFORNIA – LOS ANGELES – Oculoplastics / General Ophthalmology

CALIFORNIA- LOS ANGELES - EXPERIENCE Required. Cataracts / General Ophthalmology Position.  Ref MBPRCA12

CONNECTICUT- Glaucoma, Cornea, Medical Retina +Cataracts - JW100

FLORIDA- Cornea- SW FL. Grow, learn and teach. Quickly growing group- lots of research, leading edge. JW225

FLORIDA- West/ Gulf coast. Glaucoma/Cataracts-30+years in business. Low competition. Full service group.  JW227

FLORIDA- Central- Retina.  Leading MD/OD group- Great location- close to ocean and airport too. JW300

FLORIDA- Central- General Ophthalmology.  Great location- close to ocean and airport too.  JW302

FLORIDA- Central- Part-time Glaucoma opening. Great location- ocean and airports. JW304

FLORIDA – Large Group, Well-known practice. Various subspecialty positions.

FLORIDA- Medical Retina JW308

Florida- General or Medical Ophthalmologist JW 306

ILLINOIS- General / Comprehensive Ophthalmology.  Reference OJOIL111.

INDIANA - General / Comprehensive ophthalmologist. Southern IN opening. Fast track partnership or sell outright.

INDIANA – General / Comprehensive Ophthalmologist. University community.

INDIANA- General / Comprehensive Ophthalmologist - Large City, Wonderful Partner. Ref: MBPR

KANSAS- General  / Comprehensive Ophthalmology / Refractive.

KENTUCKY – General Ophthalmology. Reference OJOKY101.

KENTUCKY – Cornea / General Ophthalmology. Reference OJOKY102.

MARYLAND / D.C. AREA - Cornea - Reference OjOMD18.

MASSACHUSETTS- General / Comprehensive Ophthalmology. Excellent comp/bonuses and partnership.  JW310

MASSACHUSETTS- SE MA - General / Comprehensive Ophthalmology. Reference MBPRMA1.

MASSACHUSETTS- Cornea / General / Comprehensive Ophthalmology- Beautiful town. Some of the best public schools in the U.S. Near Boston. High ethics/missions encouraged.  OJO

MASSACHUSETTS- BOSTON- Glaucoma- Premium IOL’s a plus. One of kind opp’y. Stable and established group. JW320

MICHIGAN- General / Comprehensive, consider subspecialties - Big, New Beautiful Office- Trusted, Mid Sized Practice.

MICHIGAN- GLAUCOMA - Large group- Collegial, Missions-Minded- New 3 Room ASC.

MISSOURI - CORNEA - Large Metro Area- Unbelievable work environment! Reference OJOMO1

MISSOURI - GLAUCOMA - Large Metro Area- Unbelievable work environment! Reference OJOMO1

MISSOURI - Comprehensive / General Ophthalmology.  4 Doctor group. Reference MBPRMO1.

MISSOURI- CORNEA -Exceptional Metro Location- Upscale area- Busy group.

MISSOURI- CORNEA -Exceptional Metro Location- Upscale area- Busy group.

MISSOURI- SW MO- Busy day 1- High income potential.  30 yearl old, state of the art solo practice- Buy-out or employment opp’y. JW223

NEW JERSEY – Retina, near Jersey beaches.

NEW JERSEY Comp/General Ophthalmologist- Subspecialty a plus. 1 Hour to Philadelphia

NEW JERSEY- Comp/General Ophthalmologist- 20 minutes to NYC

NEW MEXICO - Cataracts / Comprehensive Ophthalmology.  Reference MBPRSW1.

NORTH CAROLINA- Peds, Med Retina + General Ophthalmology or subspecialist. Reference OjONC55.

NORTH CAROLINA General Ophthalmology / Comprehensive Ophthalmology. Mountains Position...Reference OjONC60.

OHIO - Cornea / Comprehensive Ophthalmology.  Reference OjOOH45.

OHIO - Comprehensive Ophthalmologist near Columbus

OHIO - Comprehensive Ophthalmology / General Ophthalmology.  Reference MBPROH1.

OHIO- Join practice bursting at the seams with business. Ethical, very likable owner. Close to Columbus.

PENNSYLVANIA- Cornea / Comprehensive

PENNSYLVANIA - Pediatric Ophthalmology

SOUTH CAROLINA- Oculoplastics.  Reference ojocensc1.

SOUTH CAROLINA- Pediatric Ophthalmologist.

TENNESSEE - Nashville - Glaucoma

TENNESSEE- Possible Pediatrics Need- Learn more- info@ojonline.net

TENNESSEE - SE - General / Comp Ophthalmology

TENNESSEE- E- Glaucoma- Premier group. SOA, onsite ASC.  Fantastic location and schools.  JW330

TEXAS- General or Comprehensive Ophthalmology.  Reference OjOTX115.

TEXAS - Cornea Position / Teaching University

TEXAS- Retina Position with large, multi-specialty group/ EXCEPTIONAL COMP$.

VERMONT - Glaucoma or Cornea / Refractive. Reference ojocenvt1.

VIRGINIA- Comprehensive / General Ophthalmologist - Reference ojocenva1

WISCONSIN- Comprehensive Ophthalmologist, or Fellowship trained doctors- Acclaimed Group - Fellowship Training stipend for some positions.  Top notch organization.

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