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Average pay for Eye Surgeons in the U.S.  What does an Ophthalmologist earn?  Practices who are motivated to make a great, fair market salary offer to attract quality ophthalmologists want to know this information.  Here is a brief survey of 13 public websites that give salary information regarding ophthalmologist's compensation and pay. 

A Florida Eye practice is selling their used ophthalmic equipment and instrumentation.  This equipment is in mint condition.  The practice is asking $85k for $250k worth of equipment.

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Diagnostic Tracey/Hoya Topcon iTrace Topographer + Table Combo x 6.0 1

Diagnostic Haag-Streit Lenstar LS900 w/ T-cone + Table LS900 1
Diagnostic Topcon 3D OCT/Camera + Table 3D OCT 2000 1
Diagnostic Haag-Streit Octopus Perimeter + Table 900 Pro 1
Diagnostic Lombart Perimeter trial lens set (Visual Field) (+) cyl only 1
Diagnostic Quantel Compact Touch 3-in-1 U/S same 1
Diagnostic Topcon Computerized Lensmeter CL-200 1
Accessory Marco Exophthalmometer EXO-1 1
Accessory Lombart Loose Prisms (Gulden Ophthalmics) S-22 1
Accessory Fujifilm Digital Camera (handheld) Finepix S1800 1
Accessory Reichert Tonopen AVIA 1
Furniture COW STD Slimline Desk RH Grey CW16030 2
Furniture COW STD SC Sink Cabinet RH Grey CW16012SC 2
Furniture OFM Backless vinyl utility stool 902-VAM 8
Furniture Reliance Backed vinyl stool 5346 2
Exam Lane Lombart Full diameter trial lens set (Exam) (+) and (-) cyl 2
Exam Lane Lombart Metal Trial Frame TF0LOMTF 2
Exam Lane Reichert Tonometer CT210 2
Exam Lane Topcon Tonometer mount 870 2
Exam Lane Topcon Slit Lamp SL-D2 2
Exam Lane Reichert Illuminated Phoropter (+) cyl 11637 2
Exam Lane Lombart Exam Lane chair + stand CS-IV 2
Exam Lane Lombart 20” iMac CVS w/ mirror set Apple iMac 2
Exam Lane Lombart Front surface mirror set Lombart 2
Exam Lane Heine Beta Well Handle, 3.5v w/ twist lock HE0217080TL 6
Exam Lane Heine Finoff Transilluminator HE0217080TL 2
Exam Lane Heine Beta 200 Streak Retinoscope HE0215353TL 2
Exam Lane Heine Beta 200 Ophthalmoscope HE0230100TL 2
Office Boss Sled Base Guest Chair B-9535 8
Office TempurPedic Ergonomic Fabric MidBack Office Chair TP4000 6
Office Alera Black 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinets LF3629BL 6
Office HON Used 3-Drawer Lateral File Cabinets Unknown 2
Office Brother Multifxn Fax/Scan/Copy Printer-Color MFC-9340CDW 1
Office Brother Multifxn Fax/Scan/Copy Printer-B&W MFC-L2700DW 3
Office Acer Aspire E15 Touch Laptop Computer E5-571P-55TL 4
Office Lenovo G50 Laptop Computer 80LO 3
Office Acer Aspire V Touch Laptop Computer V3-472P-3241 2
Office Dell 23" Display Monitor ST2310f 3
Office Samsung SyncMaster 933 Display Monitor 933SN 3
Office Dell Flat Panel Display Monitor 1908FPt 1
Office Dell Ultrasharp Display Monitor 1702FP 1
Procedure Prestige Prestige Medical Steam Autoclave 210006AC 1
Procedure Instruments Various instruments (estimated) 1
Procedure Lacrivera Punctal Plugs (estimated) 1

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Drew Caldwell was a part of the AAO's Conversations with the Experts in 2018 and he'll be doing it again this year in San Francisco!  It's never to early to start thinking about recruitment, especially when you're searching for a great surgeon fit for your patients and staff.

If you're an Ophthalmology practice owner or administrator and you're asking yourself "What is the best way to recruit an Ophthalmologist for our practice?", please connect with us.  We would love the opportunity to help you find and hire a talented eye surgeon for your practice opportunity.

Is this how you think of recruiters try ojo were naturally relational and very different ophthalmology jobs online
Is this how you see recruiters?  You're not alone--- That's why we created OjO. We're naturally relational.  We're different.  
If you're looking for a talented, personable Ophthalmologist or Optometrist for your team, give us a call.  Let's talk. You'll get useful helpful information on the ophthalmology recruitment scene and some great tips.
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If you’re not getting the number of ophthalmology candidate’s you’re looking for, or if you’d like an additional way to find the very best surgeon available for your opportunity, I would be glad to talk with you to learn more about your recruitment dilemma and to develop a strategy that might work best for you.

We are an experienced physician recruitment agency that works exclusively with ophthalmologists and optometrists as well as fellowship trained eye doctors (Cornea, Glaucoma, Oculoplastics, Vitreoretina, Pediatrics).

Find an Ophthalmologist Who Cares As Much as you do Ophthalmology jobs Online ojo recruitment and placement services II

If You've Had a Bad Experience with Physician Recruiters, Then You'll Want to Talk with OjO.  We believe you'll find our approach to be a breath of fresh air.

Ok- So you're cynical of recruiters.  Let's start there.  You've tried high priced physician recruitment agencies, paid a lot of money and they didn't work for you- so what's different now...What's different about this company called, "OjO"?  What kind of name is that anyway---OjO...O.j.O."

The 1st thing that we'll admit is that recruiters, in general, don't have sterling reputations.  We know that- We hear a lot of the horror stores.  We ARE different.  Let us prove it to you.  Let us prove that  not all recruiters are the same.  It is possible to develop a strong bond with an experienced, talented doctor recruiter. Character and integrity and professionalism are deeply- deeply important to us.  We want the opportunity to talk with you.  We believe that when you talk with us you'll be impressed and actually a little excited to start work with us--- But we also believe you'll be heartened by the fact that we really- genuinely care about making great doctor / practice matches.  We are exceptionally hardworking and paintstaking in the comprehensive nature of our recruitment strategy.  We know that one size fits all MD recruitment DOES NOT work- each and every practice is different--- but so are we.  Give us a chance- Open up to the possibility that your experience with OjO could be a breath of fresh air.

We know that being great Ophthalmology and Optometry recruiters takes a tremendous amount of time, an expansive schedule, an exceptional work ethic, excellent people skills, honesty and a genuine desire to help people-- to be a useful, helpful resource.  This is what we do.  As hard as it might be to imagine, We're Obssessed with Recruitment.  We will develop a sensible recruitment strategy that will fit within your budget and hiring parameters. 

We have a strong network of trust-based eye doctor relationships nationwide- this is the backbone of our organization.  And, we use all the latest tech tools, physician job boards, and social networking channels tech tools in order to help you find the right ophthalmologist or optometrist for your job or practice partnership position.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology Job Center / Practice Opportunities job board is a wonderful place to list your employment or partnership opportunity.  However, even the most popular ophthalmology job boards have their limitations. 

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According to an article published in March of 2017, by the AAMC, Association of American Medical Colleges the continued shortage of physicians in the U.S. could be highest between 2025 and 2030. What does this mean for practices who need to hire an ophthalmologist?

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OD Looking for JOB in NEW ORLEANS, LA Area...Highly, Highly Skilled O.D.-Phenomenal Training! If you're looking to hire and recruit a Residency Trained OPTOMETRIST in the New Orleans Area, Connect with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

So if you're thinking to yourself "Where can I post jobs online for free in Optometry", or put another way "What is the best, free online OD job board?", well you found it!

Post Your Optometry Job Free with OjO! If your private practice or optometry center is searching for a great place to list your O.D. job opportunity for free, Now is the time.   Simply send your optometry job write-up or o.d. job description to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we'll help you get some free visibility for your optometry job opportunity.  This is a short-term offer with no strings attached.

Free OD Job Board - Free OD Job Listing with OjO.

OjO Ophthalmology jobs Online and Optometry too!

Here's a great List of Optometry Schools, Colleges and Programs in the U.S. and Canada.  This is a great way for optometry and ophthalmology practices to reach out to OD schools in the U.S., especially if you're interested in hiring new grad ODs.  Quick tip-- To create an account, login and post a job on all of these programs will take you quite a while.  Just a helpful DIY Recruitment tip from us.  Happy Hiring!  OjO

Many ophthalmology practices want to find and hire a great optometrist or residency trained O.D. for their practice. In addition to posting an ad on the AOA job center, you can reach out to the programs closest to you to find good, local talent.

Most of these programs offer free optometry job postings. In some cases though employers have to pay a fee to post or be an alumnus of the program.

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