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"It is amazing what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit."  John Wooden, UCLA Basketball Coach


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MN Ophthalmologist Job Opportunity- Partnership Position with Minnesota Ophthalmology Practice.

An interview with an Ophthalmology practice on the hunt for a talented ophthalmologist.

Type of Ophthalmologist or Fellowship trained Ophthalmologist needed?
Comprehensive/General Ophthalmologist. Will consider fellowship trained Glaucoma or Cornea surgeons for our Minnesota ophthalmology group.

Why do your patients choose your practice?
We have a long-standing reputation for handling complex medical/surgical cases. We have convenient locations and our offices are comfortable and beautiful. Our oldest ophthalmologist has a great name in our community. We also have a strong, thriving optometrist referral network. Our name and reputation in our community will greatly benefit the incoming doctor.

The Ideal MD Candidate:
The best fit for our patients, doctor staff and team will be:
A motivated leader.
A hard working surgeon who doesn’t take himself or herself too seriously.
An ophthalmologist who wants to be involved in our community.
A kind, social doctor with good hands and good patient rapport skills.
A comprehensive ophthalmologist with MIGS and injections experience. We are open to looking at a Glaucoma or Cornea surgeon whose emphasis would be comprehensive ophthalmology.
An ophthalmologist who prizes the importance of purpose in our work.
A unique doctor who wants a fulfilling, financially rewarding opportunity with an amazing group of people.

Our Eye Care Practice
Years in Business: Since 2000
Subspecialties covered by Doctors in the practice: This is a comprehensive ophthalmology practice.
Number of MD's: 1
Number of OD's: 6
Doctor Turnover: Extremely low.
How long have your doctors been on staff: OD’s joined in: 2003, 2003. 2010, 2011, 2017, 2017.
Number of Employees: 51; 45 regular employees plus 6 more who work in the surgery center. An RN is the ASC lead and we also employ 2 CRNA’s. The ASC is certified and it is an ophthalmology only surgery center. It is 100% owned by the practice.
Number of Techs: 12
Scribes: 2
Incoming doctor would get: 3 techs and 1 scribe.
Your drawing area, catchment or MSA: Approximately 125,000 people, though we are 30-45 minutes from a metro area with an MSA of roughly 4 million people.

How busy will the incoming ophthalmologist be?
Our need is legitimate and documented. We will work to accommodate newly minted ophthalmologists and help them grow into an attractive but comfortable patient encounters and surgical procedures mix, however we have more than enough volume for an experienced eye surgeon who is looking for a “walk-in” turnkey practice opportunity.

Number of sites: 2 locations
Building size: Both of our buildings are beautiful and both offer state of the art technology.
Our primary location is a 15 lane, 10,000 square feet office and our secondary site is a 5 lane, 5,000 square feet office.
Our ASC is onsite, is certified, and it is a 2 room, 8,000 square feet center.

Surgeries / Procedures Performed
Cataracts, Premium IOLs, Injections, MIGS, Blephs, Entropions, Ectropions, Yag/SLT/Retinal, and some LASIK work if desired.

Get in Touch with Us to Learn More.
If you are an ophthalmologist looking for a lot more than a job- If you want to work with a team of very gifted eye care professionals who believe in the purpose of what they do to keep their community “eye healthy”, then please get in touch with our physician recruiter, Drew Caldwell.

Mr. Caldwell can be reached by phone or email.
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Anika Goodwin

EYEmergencyMD’s mission is to bridge the gap between eye physicians and patients who require acute eye care and screening. An acute care solution for eye issues does not currently exist, and the small number of trained eye physicians makes the need even more pronounced. Patients are relegated to busy emergency rooms or urgent cares which often lack ready access to eye specialists. In exchange for inefficient, less specialized care, patients pay exorbitant costs for visits that typically don’t resolve the problem and require additional follow up with an eye physician during normal business hours.

What’s EYEmergencyMD’s solution? First, we’re creating eye screening centers in places people frequent, eliminating the common excuses that eye care is not easy to find or a priority. When patients present with complex eye issues, we help them find and access the care they need. Second, we offer immediate care from board certified ophthalmologists, 24/7/365 from the palm of your hand, anywhere you can access a network connection.

Simply offering a service does not create such an affect.  A company must deliver this service at top notch quality standards and with added value, efficiency, and convenience.  Although we are first to offer nationwide acute eye care diagnosis and treatment, the ocular screening market has been around for quite some time.  EMD is approaching this market with fresh eyes and visual clarity, seeking to expand and improve the process for the benefit of the patient.  Namely, ensuring patients obtain follow up care by facilitating connections to local ophthalmologists.  

Just as passenger cars for hire were once known as “catching a cab” but is now are known almost exclusively as “ubering”, EYEmergencyMD seeks to become a household name, synonymous with acute eye care and screenings. The telemedicine industry is here and it doesn’t seem to be losing momentum.  We hope you will take advantage of this offering in assuring healthy vision for a lifetime.

Life with an acute eye problem just got a lot easier in all 50 states. Why?  Because vision matters.

EYEmergencyMD is proud to announce that we have been recognized by the American Telemedicine Association as recipient of the 2019 President’s Award for Innovation in Remote Healthcare Delivery.  We hope this is just one of many ways we will be able to impact the future of eye care delivery and access.

Visit us at www.EYEmergencyMD.com whenever you or a loved one has an eye issue.

To get in touch with Dr. Anika Goodwin, send her a note to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Denese Smith Genesis Ophthalmic Training OjO Ophthalmology jobs Online

Routine Calibration Checks Help Your Practice Run Smoothly and Mean Better Patient Care!

During my consulting visits with practices, I often ask the technical staff when they last checked the calibration on the applanation tonometers and manual keratometers. The response given is “sometimes it’s done” or “it’s never been done”. We check these instruments weekly (the recommendation is monthly) and find that the units aren't calibrating correctly.  We recently had two applanation tonometers off by 4mmHg. We have also detected a 0.50 diopter difference during the keratometer calibration process a few times. The IOL Master and optical coherence tomography units are other equipment types that should be routinely checked for accuracy.

To get in touch with the author of this quick tip, contact Denese Smith at Genesis Ophthalmic Training.

Denese is well-versed in the day to day operations of an ophthalmic office including scheduling, billing and coding, revenue management, contract negotiations, staff training , policy and procedure development and implementation.

Denese Smith, AAS, COT, OSC, COE
Genesis Ophthalmic Training, LLC
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OjO Ophthalmology jobs Online

People Really Matter!

Ophthalmology Recruitment and Placement Services

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Ophthalmology Practice for Sale OjO Ophthalmology jobs Online Recruitment and Placement and Practice Sales Small

Selling Your Ophthalmology Practice is a Big Decision. You want to make sure you find a capable successor with a patient care philosophy that’s compatible to yours, and, you’ll also want to find a buyer who will take care of your loyal employees.

When we’re talking with doctors who are looking to sell their practice we commonly hear the following concerns:

  • I know my practice is valuable, but how do I find the right buyer for my practice?  
  • Where do I list my ophthalmology or optometry practice for sale?
  • I care deeply for my patients. They trust me. I know these people- I know their children and grandchildren too. It is really important to me that I hand my patients over to a quality, ethical ophthalmologist who will care for my patients the way that I have cared for my patients.
  • I have loyal employees. I care about their careers and their futures. What will happen to them when I leave?
  • I have had a recent practice valuation and my attorney is drafting the legal documents needed for a practice sale. I am prepared, but I need help marketing my business sale to find a buyer. I need help finding a buyer.
  • How do I list my ophthalmology practice for sale without jeopardizing the health of my business?  I want buyers to find out about my practice, but I don't want patients to think that I'm closing my business and go elsewhere.  I want them here for the future owner.

If any of these questions describe the issues you're facing as you work to sell your eye care business, get in touch with OjO. We would love the opportunity to help you market your practice and find a buyer for your ophthalmology practice who cares as much about your patients as you do!
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Ophthalmology jobs Online - Ophthalmology and Optometry Recruitment and Placement and Practice Sale Listings.

Find an Ophthalmologist Who Cares As Much as you do Ophthalmology jobs Online ojo recruitment and placement services II

INDIANA Ophthalmology practice for sale!

Own an ophthalmology group practice in a welcoming, family-friendly city with a great 4 seasons location on the Ohio river.

“Doctors who visit here, stay here!”

An ophthalmology practice in Southern Indiana is looking for a talented ophthalmologist for their group.

The practice was started by local physicians who have worked in the community for the last 25+ years. Their patients know and trust them and are very loyal. Office personnel work together well, are well trained and genuinely care about great patient care. The practice has grown year over year since its inception and is busy clinically and surgically. The incoming ophthalmologist can expect to see 30 to 40 patients per day and perform 1,000+ surgeries per year, depending on skills, experience and productivity.

This position allows for a unique balance between practice ownership and quality of life. The incoming physician will appreciate the financial stability that this group offers. It has a very tight working relationship with a large, local health care system and a very active group of referring Optometrists. 

This location in Indiana is a growing city that you and your family will love.  This city is on the Ohio River and it's the commercial and cultural hub of southwest Indiana and the nearby regions of Illinois and Kentucky. Downtown is modern and attractive with historic areas and a pedestrian mall near the waterfront. Indiana University is building a large medical center in town and this is a huge boon for the area and will help to attract young professionals.  The city has a direct population of 175k and an MSA of 850k, which includes Southern Indiana, Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois. People here are friendly, hospitable and very social. Your family will enjoy sunset walks on the waterfront, visiting museums, attending minor league baseball games, great concerts, art festivals and the local zoo. This area of Southern Indiana is a hidden gem and has a tremendous wealth of natural riches. There are many wonderful parks and preserves, featuring dense forests, rolling hills, miles and miles of hiking and biking trails and lots of caves and caverns to explore.

This opportunity offers tremendous work: life balance, an opportunity to own, and a welcoming, hospitable local citizenry.

Ophthalmologists who are looking for great ophthalmology practices for sale can contact us to learn more about this wonderful ophthalmology opportunity.

Please contact us to learn more about this wonderful ophthalmology practices for sale.  


OjO Ophthalmology jobs Online

People Really Matter!

Ophthalmology Recruitment and Placement Services

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If you'd like to hear about ophthalmology practices for sale in other parts of the U.S. please get in touch with OjO.

medical practice sale sell your medical business ophthalmology practice for sale optometry practice for sale ojo ophthalmology jobs online small

If you have an ophthalmology practice for sale or an optometry practice for sale, and are looking for a buyer we would like to talk with you.

You can list your optometry or ophthalmology practice for sale with OjO and save a lot of money when your practice sale is done!

Please send us a note: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ophthalmology jobs Online


Average pay for Eye Surgeons in the U.S.  What does an Ophthalmologist earn?  Practices who are motivated to make a great, fair market salary offer to attract quality ophthalmologists want to know this information.  Here is a brief survey of 13 public websites that give salary information regarding ophthalmologist's compensation and pay.  This is information that you can find when you do a google search.  Please note:  There is a lot to total compensation for an ophthalmologist; salary, productivity bonuses, sign on bonuses, relocation bonuses, insurance, PTO, CME allowance and more.  If you would like help constructing or formulating an attractive salary and productivity bonuses offer for your new hire ophthalmologist please let us know.  Thanks, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We surveyed 13 websites that give ophthalmologist compensation.  We averaged all of this information to arrive at a figure of $256,000. 

If we used the same information but threw out the highest and lowest figures, we got $253,000.

According to Payscale.com, the average U.S. ophthalmologist earns nearly $300,000.




According to Sokanu.com the average is $205,000.




According to salary.com it is $286,000.


salarycom earnings for ophthalmologist

According to Medscape it’s $357,000.


medscape ophthalmologists pay salary


According to Ziprecruiter it’s $174,000 a year.


ziprecruiter ophthalmology compensation for eye surgeons


According to SalarySumo it’s $265,000.


salarysumo how much does an ophthalmologist earn


According to OwlGuru it’s $205,000.




According to Indeed.com it’s $194,000.


indeed ophthalmologist pay

Becker’s ASC states that the average ophthalmologist earns $357,000.


beckers asc ophthalmology salary


SalariesHub.com states that the mean pay for an ophthalmologist in the United States is $221,000 per year.


salarieshub average compensation ophthalmologist


Glassdoor.com shows the average base pay for an ophthalmologist to be $190,000.


glassdoor ophthalmologist pay eye doctor compensation


The Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t give out a compensation figure for the specialty of ophthalmology, instead they lump all physicians and surgeons together and come up with an average median pay of $208,000.


bls physician compensation ophthalmologist salary bureau of labor statistics


AMGA writes that the median Ophthalmologist’s compensation is $367,000.


amga ophthalmologist compensation how much does an ophthalmologist make


Questions- Get in touch with OjO.

If you are an ophthalmology practice and you'd like to know how to create an attractive salary and productivity bonuses package for a potential employee or future partner, please get in touch with OjO.  We would love to help your organization grow.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Recruit Ophthalmologist OjO Ophthalmology jobs Online What is the best way to recruit and ophthalmologist for my practice

Ophthalmology practices- Are you asking yourself "What is the best way to recruit an Ophthalmologist for our practice?"

Young and Experienced job-seeking Ophthalmologists will be networking at the AAO in Chicago to interview and talk with practices who are hiring.  What are some of the ways your group can find and hire talented ophthalmologists for your employment and partnership opportunities?

We will be available to answer these questions and more at the AAO's  "Conversations with the Experts".  This is a great way for you to talk, one on one, with a recruiter who specializes in physician recruitment and placement.

We will be at the Academy Resource Center, Booth 508 during these hours.

Saturday: 1-2 pm

Sunday: 2-3 pm

Monday: 1-2 pm

Let's talk about creative ways to market your job opportunity and find a great ophthalmologist for your practice.

If you'll be at the American Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in Chicago, 2018 and would like to reserve a time to talk, send us a quick note to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

OjO Ophthalmology jobs Online

Straight from the Cutter's Mouth

Straight From The Cutter's Mouth: A Retina Podcast was started with the goal of providing an informative venue for ophthalmologists to listen to informal yet insightful thoughts from both leaders in the field and up-and-coming retina specialists. 

Dr. Jay Sridhar is the creator, host, and executive content manager for the podcast and website. He is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Ophthalmology at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, Florida.

Thank you Dr. Sridhar for letting us help more ophthalmologists know about what you're doing.  Here's a link to their Retina Podcast:  http://www.retinapodcast.com/

Here are just a few of the ophthalmology positions that we have right now.  OjO has a lot of other positions, but we wanted to let you know about these ophthalmology opportunities right away.

If you’ll be at the AAO, let’s talk.  We would love the opportunity to meet you and learn more about your personal and professional needs and desires as you consider good career options throughout the U.S.

TEXAS Ophthalmology Opportunities

Corpus Christi, Texas  - Comprehensive Ophthalmology + Glaucoma interest or training.

South Texas Eye Consultants of Corpus Christi, Texas has a new opening for a Comprehensive Ophthalmologist---Doctors with interest or fellowship training in Glaucoma will be great fits here.  This is a partnership position on the Gulf Coast of Texas. This is a very busy, small practice opportunity with an extremely well-run organization. STEC has been providing eye care to residents of the Coastal Bend community for more than 40 years.


Dallas TX...You’ll be hearing a lot about Dr. Dain Brooks, founder of Brooks Eye Care in Plano, TX in the future.  I know Dain well and he is a bright, likable surgeon with a strong vision for eye care in the Dallas area.  He is a leader and a principled doctor. Dr. Brooks is searching for a dynamic surgeon with exceptional hands, a great work ethic and fantastic people skills for his incredibly busy upscale practice.


Beaumont, TX...A large Houston ophthalmology group is recruiting a Comprehensive / General Ophthalmologist for a Beaumont, TX position.

Paris, TX...Rural ophthalmology practice is searching for a talented, personable surgeon who would like to deliver exceptional eye care to patients in a small-town setting.  This is a partnership position with a very likable mid-career ophthalmologist. Incoming ophthalmologists who would love to work with a kind, patient mentor will enjoy this opportunity.  Paris, TX is 90 minutes from the Dallas / Ft. Worth/ McKinney area.

KANSAS Opportunities

A trusted ophthalmology practice in Topeka, KS is growing and needs your help.  Genstler Eye Centers is searching for a comprehensive ophthalmologist for a new opportunity in Manhattan, KS.  This is a partnership opportunity with a friendly, highly respected group.


VERMONT Opportunity

Dr. Juli Larson and her team at New England Vision, of South Burlington, VT are searching for a new doctor team member for their growing practice.  This is a very ethical practice with 2 friendly physicians. Ideal ophthalmology candidates will have comprehensive ophthalmology training plus Cornea, Glaucoma, Refractive or even Plastics skills.  South Burlington is a highly ranked and rated area for overall quality of life and it’s one of the most beautiful areas of the U.S. http://www.ojonline.net/search-job/job/49


Dr. David Jeng and company at Solinsky Eye Care in CT are searching for a new team member for their 4 MD, 7 OD team. Glaucoma, Cornea or Refractive Surgeons will be considered for this opportunity.  West Hartford, CT is a beautiful, top 10 town in New England. There’s a lot to see and do in Central Connecticut. You can learn more here: http://www.ojonline.net/search-job/job/150


Dr. Brandt Riley and the doctors at North Iowa Eye Clinic of Mason City, IA are searching for a comprehensive ophthalmologist for a partnership opportunity.  This is a 5 MD, 2 OD group with several locations and a busy practice and they need your expertise and help. You’ll join a group that has been around since the late 1920’s and really cares for their community.   http://www.ojonline.net/search-job/job/144


Join Rockingham Eye Associates in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  This is a 4 doctor practice in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and they are recruiting a Comprehensive ophthalmologist to replace a retiring surgeon.  Harrisonburg is home to several large colleges and is ranked as one of the best places in America to raise a family. This is a surprisingly diverse community with a lot of great outdoor activities and 4 seasons.



Stuart Eye Institute in Stuart, FL has a wonderful Southeastern Florida opportunity.  The 3 MD group is recruiting a Comprehensive Ophthalmologist for their team. This is a highly efficient organization with no doctor turnover and a skilled administrator at the helm.


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