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Ophthalmology News

Ophthalmology News (4)

Interesting news from the world of ophthalmology.

Private Equity has been making big plays in Ophthalmology for the last several years- But PE's aren't just big news in the eye world, they're also making big gains with medical practices in general.

Here's a link to a good article about private equity and medicine https://www.healthleadersmedia.com/finance/private-equity-purchasing-more-physician-practices

In summary, the article points out that PE groups typically look for majority ownership opportunities and pay out over $1M per physician.  The article refers to a study that found independent private practices are "rapidly disappearing".  The article goes on to note the rise of the "corporatization of medicine."

Here's some news about the American Academy of Ophthalmology's upcoming Practice Management conference in Chicago.
AAO Ophthalmology Business Summit 2019
March 23 - 24 in Chicago, IL 
american academy of ophthalmology ophthalmology business summit aao business summitt aao obs chicago
(Image from AAO Website)
Developed specifically for physician leaders, the AAO's first-ever business summit will address the key financial and operational challenges that your practice is facing right now. Business experts and Academy leaders will guide you through a solutions-oriented program where you’ll learn how to:
Improve profitability by quickly identifying opportunities in your practice finances;
Protect your practice from cyber threats like ransomware that could cost you thousands of dollars;
Manage your reputation: learn how to handle negative reviews and increase referrals by leveraging powerful marketing tools like social media;
Set a standard for excellence in your practice to ensure more effective teamwork and increased patient satisfaction;
Renew the passion that brought you to ophthalmology, with strategies to combat burnout and protect you and your staff’s well-being;
Eliminate the barriers and wasteful tasks that keep you from spending time with patients and enjoying a health work-life balance; and
Leverage powerful tools like the Academy’s IRIS Registry.

Loews Chicago O’Hare 
5300 N River Rd, Rosemont, Ill.

The Lowes Chicago O'Hare is the official hotel for the 2019 Ophthalmology Business Summit. 

Here's the link to sign up for the AAO Business Summit:  https://www.aao.org/practice-management/business-summit/about-the-summit


Anika Goodwin

Telemedine in Ophthalmology.  EYEmergencyMD is an up and coming organization.

EYEmergencyMD’s mission is to bridge the gap between eye physicians and patients who require acute eye care and screening. An acute care solution for eye issues does not currently exist, and the small number of trained eye physicians makes the need even more pronounced. Patients are relegated to busy emergency rooms or urgent cares which often lack ready access to eye specialists. In exchange for inefficient, less specialized care, patients pay exorbitant costs for visits that typically don’t resolve the problem and require additional follow up with an eye physician during normal business hours.

What’s EYEmergencyMD’s solution? First, we’re creating eye screening centers in places people frequent, eliminating the common excuses that eye care is not easy to find or a priority. When patients present with complex eye issues, we help them find and access the care they need. Second, we offer immediate care from board certified ophthalmologists, 24/7/365 from the palm of your hand, anywhere you can access a network connection.

Simply offering a service does not create such an affect.  A company must deliver this service at top notch quality standards and with added value, efficiency, and convenience.  Although we are first to offer nationwide acute eye care diagnosis and treatment, the ocular screening market has been around for quite some time.  EMD is approaching this market with fresh eyes and visual clarity, seeking to expand and improve the process for the benefit of the patient.  Namely, ensuring patients obtain follow up care by facilitating connections to local ophthalmologists.  

Just as passenger cars for hire were once known as “catching a cab” but is now are known almost exclusively as “ubering”, EYEmergencyMD seeks to become a household name, synonymous with acute eye care and screenings. The telemedicine industry is here and it doesn’t seem to be losing momentum.  We hope you will take advantage of this offering in assuring healthy vision for a lifetime.

Life with an acute eye problem just got a lot easier in all 50 states. Why?  Because vision matters.

EYEmergencyMD is proud to announce that we have been recognized by the American Telemedicine Association as recipient of the 2019 President’s Award for Innovation in Remote Healthcare Delivery.  We hope this is just one of many ways we will be able to impact the future of eye care delivery and access.

Visit us at www.EYEmergencyMD.com whenever you or a loved one has an eye issue.

To get in touch with Dr. Anika Goodwin, send her a note to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Anika Goodwin, MD, FACS​ - Co‑founder & CEO

EYEmergencyMD, Inc.
1846 E Innovation Park Dr, Suite 100
Oro Valley , AZ 85755
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Work: +1 833 PINK EYE, Ext: 2001
Web: www.eyemergencymd.com

Anika Goodwin, MD, FACS
Co‑founder & CEO
EYEmergencyMD, Inc.
1846 E Innovation Park Dr, Suite 100
Oro Valley AZ 85755
Email: anika@eyemergencymd.com
Work: +1 833 PINK EYE Ext: 2001
Cell: +1 336 705 0516
Web: www.eyemergencymd.com

Wills Eye Hospital Logo

This is really great news!  Here's some incredible news from one of the best Ophthalmology training and eye research centers in the U.S.; Wills Eye Hospital. Take a look.

wills eye hospital study device for the blind


Wills Eye Hospital has been given Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to begin an early feasibility study (EFS) to implant the RETINA IMPLANT Alpha AMS sub-retinal device in patients blind due to Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). The Alpha AMS is manufactured by Retina Implant AG, Reutlingen, Germany and has been designed to replace the non-functioning and absent photoreceptor cells in the eye lost to the RP deterioration. The surgically implanted Alpha AMS chip stimulates the remaining components of the visual system to restore limited functional vision in blind RP patients. The eye’s own natural focusing system (without the need of a camera) focuses light on a chip made of 1600 photo diodes. The RETINA IMPLANT Alpha AMS is an investigational device in the US and has CE Mark approval in Europe since 2016.

“This study represents the very earliest phase of clinically testing a potential new option for patients and families grappling with the devastating blindness caused by Retinitis Pigmentosa. We are thankful for the smooth process in working with the FDA and for the opportunity of offering this exciting technology in the form of an EFS investigational study to our blind RP patients for the first time in the U.S.” noted Julia A. Haller, MD, Wills Eye Hospital Ophthalmologist-in-Chief.

Retinitis pigmentosa is a degenerative eye disease which is the leading cause of inherited blindness in the developed world. There is no known cure for RP which affects an estimated 100,000 people in the USA and 1.5 million people worldwide. Approximately 1,500 individuals with RP each year progress to total blindness. Wills Eye Hospital is the only site in North America conducting this investigational research study and will enroll up to eight patients for implantation. If this initial study demonstrates encouraging results, a larger pivotal study will be performed to gain FDA approval.

Here's a link to the original article at Wills Eye Hospital: https://www.willseye.org/wills-eye-sponsors-first-u-s-study-of-device-for-blind-retinitis-pigmentosa-patients/

Here's a neat fact about the Wills Eye Hospital: More ophthalmologists have trained at Wills Eye than any other program in the U.S.

 Wills Eye Hospital is absolutely unique in all the world: a gift of the Quaker merchant James Wills to the City of Philadelphia in 1832.  He gave the fortune he made from his grocery business, to build a hospital for the indigent blind – and thus Wills became the nation’s first eye specialty hospital.  
 In 1839, the first physician to be trained in Ophthalmology as a specialty came to Wills, and in our 185 years of existence we have trained the most ophthalmologists of any program in the country.